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The Ultimate List Of Types of Pasta

Pasta–who doesn’t love it? When many of us think of pasta, we typically think of the more popular styles such as spaghetti, penne or linguine, but there are actually dozens of different types of pasta, each with their own special flavor profile, culinary application and even regional origin. But how did pasta actually came to […]

Italian Main Dishes You Won’t Believe That Are Actually A Thing

Lasagna is among the Italian Main Dishes.

Italian cuisine needs no introduction. It’s famous around the world, for all the right reasons. We love their pasta, their soups, their Tiramisu—there’s just nothing they can do wrong. Their food is a symbol of quality and excellence, especially since each region, town and village offers their own definition of taste and delight. And while […]

What do Truffles Taste Like?

black truffles

For years, the culinary world has been in a frenzy over some dark weird-looking lumps of fungi called truffles. They are among the most valuable culinary ingredient in the world today. In fact, their presence in any dish is considered the height of luxury. Many fine dining restaurants proudly highlight dishes with truffles on their […]

Easy Chicken Marsala Recipe

Chicken marsala recipe

How to Make Chicken Marsala Often served as a secondo, most Italian restaurants in the U.S. that serve this dish have their own versions of original recipe, tweaking it a little bit here and there to leave their own place’s signature. This is not such an uncommon practice in the culinary world. However, there is […]

What is Fontina?

Fontina is a creamy, semi-firm Italian cheese that comes from cow’s milk. Although there are quite a few cheeses that have similar names (e.g., Fontella, Fontal, Fontinella, etc.), only the Italian Fontina — known as “Fontina Val d’Aosta” — can lay claim to being designated as the original Fontina cheese.   True to its rich […]

What is Grana Padano?

Grana Padano is an immensely popular cheese with a hard, grainy texture and a wonderfully sweet flavor. It is often compared to Parmigiano-Reggiano due to their highly similar texture, flavor and history, but Grana Padano is known for being slightly milder, creamier and less crumbly than its close sibling. With its pale yellow color and […]

What is Bottarga? How Does It Taste Like?

Bottarga is an unfamiliar name to many, but this distinctive ingredient can be found in a wide range of Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese and Greek cuisine. Often referred to as the “poor man’s caviar”, bottarga (also spelled “bortago”) is the salted and dried egg pouch (roe) of either tuna or grey mullet. This culinary gem […]

What is Parmigiano Reggiano?

Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the most popular cheeses on the planet, with a rich history that spans more than nine centuries. This hard, granular cheese is widely hailed for its unique texture as well as its understated yet brilliantly complex flavor profile. With more than 3.2 million wheels of this cheese being produced every […]

Peperoni alla Leccese

Compared to other Italian regions, the concept of cucina povera is most obvious in Puglia. Its cuisine is as rustic as it can get. Indeed, the region is a big player in agriculture, with farmlands going back hundreds of years. So it’s no wonder local cuisine often use fresh ingredients from the land. A perfect […]