Italian food, history, recipes, and now WINE!

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There’s one very important Italian product that I’ve long wanted to include in your Nonna Box: wine! But if you’ve received one of our product-packed boxes then you know there’s just no way to jam a bottle in there; trust me, I’ve tried.

So, while I sipped on a glass of my home region’s Sangiovese di Romagna, I got to thinking: How else can I share the best of Italy’s diverse and delicious wine selection with you?

Why, via Nonna Box’s very own sommelier!

Allow me to introduce Jacopo Cossater, a certified sommelier originally from Verona. No, I won’t be packing him in the box (he’s even harder to fit than the bottle), but starting this month your package will come with his expertise on the featured region’s wine, along with wine pairing recommendations for each of the nonna’s recipes.

Jacopo CossaterOriginally from Verona, Italy, Jacopo went to the University of Perugia, where he studied communications and media studies. In Umbria he fell in love with Sangiovese wine, and was inspired to travel all the major Italian wine regions and attend three years sommelier classes. Today he works in the public relations industry and writes for two of the most popular wine blogs in Italy. We at Nonna Box are thrilled to have him share his expertise each month!


And there’s more to toast to! It’s time to announce this month’s featured region. Meet Liguria, the northwestern land of cliff-lined coasts, world-class tourist destinations, and some of Italy’s favorite foods, which we’ll be tempting you with soon!
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2 thoughts on “Italian food, history, recipes, and now WINE!

  1. Kitty says:

    My sister is a wine lover… she travels from city to city and sometimes other countries to taste wine. I got this as a gift for her birthday and she loved it.

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