Hazelnut Cream Wafers

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Delectable cream in between layers of delicate wafer biscuits, this hazelnut cream wafers is by Italian confectionery Gentilini. Made with all natural ingredients and no preservatives, each wafer sandwich is its own unique epicurean experience. The delicious gianduia flavor cream combined with the delectably exquisite wafers are perfect with coffee, tea, or as solo snacks.

Hazelnut Cream Wafers on Top

In addition to that, you can also eat them with your favorite gelato, frozen yogurt, or a simple dollop of whipped cream. You may even add it to yummy concoctions such as sorbets or banana splits.

So whenever you get those munchies, just open one of these sweet Italian cookies and you’ll be golden.

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1 review for Hazelnut Cream Wafers

  1. Minerva

    My daughter loves this so much! Hazelnut Cream Wafers while watching Disney movies on a weekend is our family bonding.

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