Italian Cookies

Like many traditional Italian dishes, most cities and towns have their own traditional Italian cookies, biscuits, and all types of pastries. And they come in all shapes and sizes, too.

Among these yummy pastries are waffle cookies called pizzelle from the Abruzzo region, cannoli and pignoli from Sicily, biscotti from Tuscany, and sfogliatella from Campania.

And there are also those that have been around so long that several regions each has its own version of it such as anisette and butter cookies.

Recipes of these Italian cookies have been handed down from generation to generation, becoming an important of not only every region’s traditions but for each family as well.

In fact, it’s not so uncommon for families to have slightly different versions of the same recipe, uniquely making it their own, no matter how minute the. And this is not exclusive for Italian cookies or other pastries, either, but applies to other traditional Italian food as well. What’s essential is that you have fresh good quality ingredients.

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