Fruit Gel “Juicy Snack” Bars: Pear (Box of 12)

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Fruit Gel “Juicy Snack” Bars: Pear (Box of 12)

Do you love munching on slices of sweet fragrant pears for snacks? Just like apples, pears are among the most popular fresh fruit snacks in the world. They have a firm juicy flesh that is often sweet. You can eat pears as they are or bake them into all kinds of delicious desserts. However, they may be hard to always have on hand whenever you’re craving them. Well, Majani, the world famous Italian chocolate makers have just the perfect summer treat for you. And they are the Majani Pear fruit gel bars.

Manufactured in the city of Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region, these pear fruit gel bars are exceptionally delectable sweets. They are made of 35% fruit juice and comes in a pack of 12 gel bars. Each individual pack weighs exactly 1.06 ounces. Delicious fruity treats you can conveniently put in your pocket and munch on anytime you want. So hurry and try a box of these yummy pear fruit gel bars today!

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  • Jessa says:

    Fragrant and sweet? I badly want those Fruit Gel “Juicy Snack” Bars: Pear!

  • Joan says:

    Pears? Gel? I want one please!!!!!!