Fruit Gel “Juicy Snack” Bars: Blackberry (Box of 12)


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Fruit Gel “Juicy Snack” Bars: Blackberry (Box of 12)

Made with real 35% fruit juice, these blackberry fruit gel bars are created by Majani, which are originally creators of delectable Italian chocolates. With these gel bars, however, Majani retains its reputation for creating wonderful sweet confections. Case in point, their new Blackberry fruit gel bars, they belong to their “Fruttissima Line”. Now, these dark aromatic gelatin candies come in a box of 12 fruit gel bars, with each yummy piece weighing 1.06 ounces. (Picture shown here is the individual unit.)

Expertly packed in each candy bar is the refreshingly fruity taste of a Mediterranean summer. With that, these Manjani jellies are indeed excellent chewable candies that could be perfect for both children and adults. Enchantingly sweet and flavorful, what more could you ask for in your blackberry fruit gel bars, right?

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