*Sopraffino Aged Wine Vinegar: 12 Year


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Winner of the 2013 Gold sofi Award for “Outstanding Vinegar,” this Sopraffino Reserve is produced by

Sopraffino Reserve is considered the predecessor of balsamic vinegar. A fine fusion of a variety of grapes, it’s a juicy concoction of cabernet, merlot, raboso, and sauvignon grapes. After mixing the blend, it is aged for a dozen years in a series of wooden barrels called batteria. First, it is stored in an oak barrel for six years. For the other 6 years, it is stored in chestnut, cherry, and mulberry barrel.

Uses of Sopraffino Reserve

To the palate, this fine condiment has subtle flavors of fruits and spices. Truly a quintessential royalty among Italian condiments, it is great for risottos, roasted meats, and soups. Other dishes you can use it on are chicken dishes.

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