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  • by Guido Pedrelli April 14, 2016
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  • Last Updated on April 26, 2019
Florence, Italy

When I arrive home in Italy, my mamma welcomes me with a hearty embrace and a kiss on my cheek. Not long after comes the true show of Italian mamma love: the food! Daily, for both lunch and dinner, she’ll make dishes such asravioli al ragú or coniglio all uvetta — the main ingredient always amore.

With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s our chance to show our mammas (and our nonnas!) that same love, and, of course, gratitude. For so many of us, though — whether it’s due to location, time or simply creativity — it’s just not as easy as throwing together an effortless dish of homemade pasta.

Or is it? Nonna Box is making Mother’s Day extra special this year by transporting your mamma to one of Italy’s most lusted-after regions — drum roll, please — Tuscany!

While it’s a box that anyone will enjoy, we think this one will be especially ideal for Mom, taking her on an epicurean journey to Italy via the flavors of a fancy Tuscan pasta, ready-to-eat treats, and other gourmet regional products, which we’ll reveal in the weeks to come. Between the recipes, wine recommendations, and the story of Tuscan local Nonna Gabriella, Mom — and any box recipient — will feel swept away on a tasty, sensory adventure. A pretty sweet and gratitude-filled gift, if I don’t say so myself.

Pre-order by May 3rd to reserve a Nonna Box in time for Mother’s Day delivery — quantities are limited!

A presto,
Guido Pedrelli
Founder | Nonna Box

  • Trish says:

    Excellent idea, my moms birthday is coming up and I will be running this by her! Thanks!

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