Penne alla Calabrese

penne alla calabrese

Quick Navigation Penne alla CalabreseIngredientsInstructionsNutrition In Calabria, maccaruni d’a zita was always served at wedding luncheons. Today, this pasta is more popularly called penne Zita, which can be used for this Penne alla Calabrese recipe. The differences between regular penne and penne Zita is that the latter has a smoother surface and is slightly bigger […]

Grilled Prawns Recipe – Simply Delicious!

Grilled Prawns Recipe – Simply Delicious!

Quick Navigation Easy Grilled Prawns RecipeGrilled Prawns RecipeIngredientsInstructionsNutrition Seafood dishes have always been a big part of Italian cuisine, especially in the coastal areas. And one delectable seafood dish that you simply shouldn’t miss are these seared crustaceans, a.k.a. Grilled Prawns. Easy Grilled Prawns Recipe The secret to this recipe are the garlic, pepper, and […]

Mee Jian Kuih Recipe – Chinease Peanut Pancake Recipe

Mee Jian Kuih

Quick Navigation Traditional Fluffy PancakesMee Jian Kuih Recipe (麵煎粿)IngredientsFilling:InstructionsNutrition Craving for some dessert but tired of the same sweet treats? Then, how about some fluffy pancakes with loads of extra scrumptious stuff? It’s called Mee Jian Kuih.   Traditional Fluffy Pancakes Also known simply as fluffy peanut pancakes or “Granny” pancakes, this traditional Asian dessert […]

Buttermilk-Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake Recipe

Buttermilk-Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake

Quick Navigation What is Streusel?Buttermilk-Chocolate Chip Crumb Cake RecipeIngredientsButter Crumb topping:Batter:InstructionsPreparation:To make the topping: Mix the batter:Nutrition Ever heard this quote? “Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is.” Well, that is exactly what you’d think about this Buttermilk-Chocolate Chip Crumb cake. Only the cake is buttermilk-flavored, the chocolate are in the form […]

Steamed Bamboo Pith Rolls Recipe

Steamed Bamboo Pith Rolls

Quick Navigation What is a Bamboo Pith?Easy Steamed Bamboo Pith Rolls RecipeSteamed Bamboo Pith Rolls RecipeIngredientsIngredients 02:Seasoning: InstructionsNutrition Among the most diverse species of produce available in the market today are edible mushrooms. In Asia, much like in Italy, there are many traditional dishes that contain locally grown or harvested mushrooms. Some examples of these […]