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The Best Electric Fillet Knife Buying Guide and Reviews

From the fresh markets in Seattle all the way to Salisbury, many citizens and foodies alike have loved to walk through and partake in all of the wondrous catches of the day.

Over the last few decades, many have enjoyed traveling to places like Montana and Idaho on excursions where they learn from experts how to acquire their own catch, and many times prepare it back in relaxing living and dining quarters. If you do most of your eating from the comfort of home and have watched TV shows where the catch of the day is roasted over fires in outdoor campsites, you may not have thought of one very necessary element to prepare this type of food: using the best electric fillet knife to get the bones out.

Many folks think that some fish are just quickly cut through the middle and served on up to your liking! It takes a while to cut and clean, and A stiff knife isn’t always best for the job, because so many types of fish are very tender at the core. A great electric fillet knife is very flexible, and allows you to easily puncture the outside skin, while you are making your way around the inside without much resistance.

The best Electric fillet knives really save you time, because the larger the fish you are dealing with, you will save valuable time in your preparation. Here are examples of some great electric fillet knives on the market, so you can shop around a bit and take your pick. After checking out this guide, you’ll be gleefully gliding through gills in no time!

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Let’s get started with our electric fillet knives reviews.


Best Electric Fillet Knife Reviews


Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife Review


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This is our #1 choice for the best electric fish fillet knife.

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This is a model that will produce 80 minutes of running time, which a charge accomplished in about two hours. The blades are 7″ reciprocating, and they really make any filleting task quite a bit quicker. The high-torque motor has a very advanced design that allows for very quiet operation while allowing ample airflow.

If you are serving a very large group and have to get a move on, the knife also does not slow down as the charge lessens, you get full performance the entire time. One reviewer states they cleaned 150 bluegills on one charge, and that they fully love owning it.


Rapala Deluxe Electric Fish Fillet Knife


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This is an electric fish fillet model that you can get for around the $50 price range, and it has a very quiet, long-lasting motor, while operating on a 110v AC power cord. You get a useful and very compact travel case to carry it with, and it includes all of the adapters you need to plug into various types of outlets.

Some of the top reviewers on the web stated that owning this unit definitely makes them want to fish more, and one lamented that it is the only knife that has lasted two seasons. For the price, you may not get something perfect that will absolutely never conk out on you, but bringing it along with you on a trip is going to get the job done so much faster than without an electric unit would.


American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife with Glove and 5 Blades

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A handy and very inclusive package right in the $100 price range, the Anglers has a very powerful gear and motor system that provides high torque, and runs on 111 V power. It has a 2-year warranty, and the real bonus is that it comes with 5 extra blades. This is definitely a best electric fillet knife.

Included is a 10″ Saltwater Blade, a 5.5″ Curved Tip Blade Replacement, a 10″ Heavy Duty Shark Blade Replacement, 8″ Curved Tip Blade Replacement, a 10″ Heavy duty Shark Blade Replacement, and an 8″ Heavy Duty Shark Blade Replacement. The cord is an 8-ft. polarized power cord, and this product is made by a brand that proudly asks the best in the nation’s fishermen to tell them exactly what they want in a knife.

Rapala Rechargeable Cordless Electric Fillet Knife


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This is a very nice cordless fillet knife option that comes with dual rechargeable battery packs, and includes a 6 inch and 7 1/2 inch blade. Many master anglers state that a plug in can give a bit faster of a repetition for filleting than a rechargeable model such as this, but this still does a great job when you don’t have access to power and you just are not in the mood to deal with cords.

After gleaning many reviews to see what really meets the needs of a fisherman on a long trip, there are some that claim that this brand does not hold up to what American Angler’s product offers. Some do also not like the position of the ejection button, but you are still getting a product that will cut with much more speed than the alternative, and a handy tool to have in your bag.


Piranha Electric Fillet Knife


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For more information about the Piranha Electric Fillet Knife, click here.

The Saltwater Piranha is an electric fillet knife brought to you by Mister Twister, one of the first involved in the industry of electric knives and fish cleaning technology. The cutting surface is built to really handle the tough scales and various skin types that you will find in the ocean, and is equipped with a 9″ blade. This knife is billed as a product that really does deliver superior results, and the cord that it comes with is about 4 feet long.

There has been some confusion over the release of this knife because in years past there was a product that was simply A Saltwater Piranha. Some customers are being shipped the new version of a saltwater/freshwater Piranha, which has a few differences. When having a great weekend at the campsite, it can also be used to slice fresh bread; It is definitely on the less expensive end of the scale at around $35. This knife is a great addition to our best electric fillet knife list.

Cut Resistant Gloves For Filleting


NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – High-Performance Level 5 Protection, Food Grade.

NoCut Gloves


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Whether you are in a hurry to make sure that dinner comes out right when the stars do, or are just learning the techniques of fish prep, these cut resistant gloves should be a nice thing to throw along with you in the outrigger bag. They are lightweight, and offer very comfortable protection, and are ideal for cutting, slicing, peeling and even grating in the kitchen. Lucky enough to be somewhere tranquil such as Maine or Virginia? These will even protect you for oyster shucking at far-eastern places like the Lynnhaven Sound. In the food prep game, it’s a lot more fun when you know you can go as fast as possible while lowering your risk: and that’s just what these are perfect for.

Sharpening Your Electric Knife? Check this out!


Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener


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Made in the USA, this great tool offers a 3-stage sharpening system for professional results, and can be used for kitchen or any variety of sport knives. The blade guides within automatically hold the knife at the absolute optimum sharpening angle, and this is a great tool to bring life back to objects that just need a little TLC.

One reviewer stated that it made a knife that he had just been sharpening on whetstones for some time as good as new, and another was impressed with how well it did on a 15-year old knife. It works very quickly in all 3 stages, so after just a pass or two, your favorite knife can fare just like it did in its earliest days.

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