American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife Review

  • by Nonna Box August 25, 2018
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  • Last Updated on April 27, 2019
American Angler Pro Electric Fillet Knife Review

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When it comes to electric fillet knives, they are a gadget that many think of someone actually firing up right beside the boat, and preparing fish over a campfire while those huddled around get ready to enjoy something very tasty. While this is definitely one situation where a standout electric fillet knife will do well, they are great to have at home too!

Our first impression when we laid eyes on this knife was that it’s pretty sleek. The back casing and handle of the knife itself almost appears as if its being held right in a standard knife bin at a 45-degree angle.

There are many culinary and outdoor enthusiasts out there that consider this the product that came about when customers really spoke their mind about what they wanted in a knife, without seemingly cheap fringes. This one has twice the power of previous models, to be able to deliver time and time again, and with good quality cuts.

Some pros about the electric fillet knife are that nearly everyone that has used it has been very enthusiastic about the quality of materials that it is made from, and the upgrade that comes with different types of blades. Cooks that love nothing more than many hours spent in the kitchen have also done just that with it, and they praise the design for how well it prevents extreme fatigue.

8-Inch Blade!


The motor that powers this gadget that gets you ready to sink your teeth into some fresh tasting fish is really spot-on for what it has to do. Many users have told us that as they slave away and get the rest of the meal ready, the precision and rapid-firing feature of this electric fillet knife really makes a difference in super-awesome jet fuel when you have a huge stack of fish that you want to bestow bone-free upon the range.

Reviews: American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife

A few reviews stated that even though this electric knife is far superior in other ways than the one this brand manufactured before it, the blade actually does not move as fast, which slows down their job. Since much attention was focused on making the blade sharper and more versatile, the upside is that you can fillet more types of fish, and just a few split seconds of extra patience on your part will leave you with a pile of goodness ready to go in the fryer.

 The 8-inch blade and unmatched quality are some big items on the pros list, as well as it generally never getting hot in the user’s hand. Some have proclaimed that as far as the cons for the knife, it has kind of a bad tip, and is generally a bit heavier then some other filleting knives.

“Find some good gloves especially while getting used to this one:it is sharp, mean, and ready to roll!”

 We’d have to say overall that this could be one of the best electric filleting knives in the business. Find some good gloves especially while getting used to this one: it is sharp, mean, and ready to roll! This would overall be an excellent addition to your collection, whether you are out in the boat lulling over the catch, or waiting at home for the bounty to be brought back to you.

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